Vietnam Itinerary 15 days

Taking the itinerary 15 days to Vietnam, you will get an overview about Vietnam Country from the fascinating culture to spectacular natural scenery. Each of Vietnam’s vibrant cities show dramatically and astonishing different face. Throughout Vietnam, you are not only enjoy the stunning landscapes and histories, but also be welcomed by friendly local people and superb Vietnamese cuisine. With many special points, start your excursion to Vietnam now! Viet Fun Travel is ready to give you a best trip.
There are some options for your 15 day itinerary in Vietnam

Southern itinerary - Vietnam Package Tour - Saigon Cu Chi Mekong Dalat Nha Trang

Southern Vietnam has lots of attractions to discover and experience. On this program, we will take you to some amazing places as Saigon, Tay Ninh, Cu Chi, Mekong Delta, Chau Doc, Da Lat and Nha Trang. Besides the fantastic views, another great thing about these places is that you will get the best and freshest Vietnamese traditional food.

Itinerary from Southern to Northern Vietnam - Vietnam South To North Itinerary

Historical past to modern present, oriental traditions and different religions are all mixed to create a Vietnam colorful image. To capture the essences of Vietnam, travelers are recommended to take the Vietnam South to North Itinerary within 15 days. On this journey, you will visit all vibrant places in southern as Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc, Saigon, Cu Chi to the beautiful places in North as Da Nang, Hoian, Hue and Paradise Cave.

Itinerary from Northern to Southern Vietnam - Magical Vietnam Tour - Magical Vacations Travel

Magical trip is designed similar to the itinerary from Southern to Northern Vietnam, but the main difference is that our program starts from Northern and ends in Southern Vietnam. Viet Fun Travel will take you from a beautiful Hanoi Capital to an impressive Halong Bay, Hue Citadel, a beautiful city beach- Danang, Hoi An Ancient Town, a tropical Nha trang Beach, the crowded Ho Chi Minh City and the real rural life in Mekong.

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